Our Heritage

The Vault House Group is privileged to have laid down roots in the beaming community of Berrima, New South Wales
Founded in the storied village of Berrima in New South Wales, Vault House Group is Australia’s first private members club that seamlessly connects city and country. 



Established in 2021, Vault House is built upon the ethos of inclusivity, creativity and community - the same values that continuously enrich the vibrant community of Berrima, and have fostered meaningful relationships with each of our members.

Since it was first conceived in 1833, Berrima remains one of Australia’s most well-preserved historical locations to date. During the early stages of its inception, surveyor Robert Hoddle drew great inspiration from traditional English villages in designing the community. This resulted in the creation of administrative buildings such as the Berrima Gaol and Courthouse, alongside 13 public houses.

Taylors Crown Inn front building





By the 1860s, Berrima was poised to take on a more significant role in the region with the expectation that the rail line from Sydney to Goulburn would pass through the village and bring further growth. However, that plan did not materialise, which led to the village being contracted and becoming just another stop on the main road south. 

Fast forward to the 80s, and the opening of the bypass reinvigorated tourism in Berrima, resulting in the thriving community that it is today. Most recently, the village won the New South Wales Top Tourism award.